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This statement about the “fatally flawed” paper was, therefore, the seed of the “discredited” myth that prevails and is clearly influencing many more people today.

fast forward to the GMC hearing, which has been investigating these claims for nearly three years. First, it has been demonstrated beyond doubt that The Lancet study was not funded by Legal Aid.

Not one penny of Legal Aid money was used for the study.

Second, it has been shown that the children in the study were not sourced by lawyers.

However, over the past few months, and for reasons I cannot yet understand, a number of people and organizations have evidently decided that they should be determining the editorial policy of our magazine . Separately, some organizations have warned me that they will not have anything to do with me if I continue to support and publish papers by him.

Some advertisers tell me they have to stop working with us as they are “under pressure” to pull out, and a number of celebrities, high earning individuals, journalists, scientists, practitioners, and people who want to contribute to the magazine or to our campaigns say that it’s more than their job’s worth to be associated with the work of this man − more than their job’s worth to even listen to what he has to say.

None of the children reported in The Lancet study were involved in any legal action at the time of their referral to the Royal Free Hospital. Horton’s protestations, we now know that The Lancet had been told, in communications between Dawbarns and Horton in 1997, about Dr. Documented details of this communication, which took place in April 1997, well before the publication of The Lancet paper, were provided in evidence at the GMC (see below). Wakefield’s being discredited comes straight from this inaccurate exchange in 2004 between two journalists − one an academic, the other one not. There are many other aspects to this convoluted and exhausting story, but the idea of Dr.

The circumstances surrounding my “warnings” are remarkable in a country like Britain.So, why do these people feel so strongly about this? However, as far as anyone being “discredited” is concerned, it goes as follows.In the days leading up to Deer’s initial “revelations” about Andrew Wakefield and others in The Sunday Times in February 2004, a meeting took place between Deer and Horton in which Deer made a number of claims. Wakefield and colleagues, which was published in The Lancet in 1998. had reported on a possibly novel form of bowel disease, with autisticlike developmental regression, in 12 children referred to the gastrointestinal department of London’s Royal Free Hospital.He also reminded me, very pointedly, that they worked closely with the Department of Health and were the decision makers regarding many important issues relating to autism . He then bluntly warned me that if The Autism File continued to support Dr. ” I asked the man from the autism organization at the café. Wakefield is “discredited.” One is a freelance journalist, Brian Deer; the second is the editor of The Lancet, Dr. Between them, these two men sowed the seed of the “discredited” myth over a few days many years ago in February 2004.Wakefield it would be “shut down.” Despite his standing and expertise, his concern was such that ultimately he chose not to even write for our magazine because, he said, “it is too controversial,” and, given that he is funded by the government, he felt that if he did, then his funding would be at risk. The full story will be made public in the near future, having already been presented in evidence to the UK’s General Medical Council.

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