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So instead of just having a surname long associated with music of quality, heart and soul, Colin Gilmore is rapidly making his own name playing what the Austin Chronicle calls “a combination of energetic guitar pop and melodic twang [that] leaves the listener wanting more.” The Wild and Hollow’s diverse musical flavors and songwriting eloquence reflect a life surrounded by music that began in the Texas Panhandle city of Lubbock.Gilmore boasts not just a musical father but also a mother who weaned him on superior songwriting by singing Lucinda Williams and Warren Zevon songs when Colin was a little one.“I learned how to make a melody and how a song is structured,” he explains.After graduation Gilmore toured as a roadie with his father, who, after hearing Colin’s songs and being duly impressed, got his son up to perform with his band and sometimes open shows. Narayan, Beena Neelam, Deborah Nusskern, Douglas B.

I hope it turns on a light for some people.” And given how Gilmore’s talents shine on The Wild and Hollow, that result is sure to be just another, manifestation of his musical destiny.Gilmore has been informed by those observations, writing songs and building a reputation for his engaging live performances under his own name.Recorded in Austin and Chicago and featuring guest appearances from Amanda Shires, Sally Allen and more, The Wild and Hollow shows Gilmore continues to push his own musical boundaries while remaining true to the high standards set by his musical heroes. Perou, Chris Piercy, Mark Piercy, Fawn Qin, Tim Reif, Kelly Sheppard, Vida Shokoohi, Geoff A. Zierten, Shaying Zhao, Ravi Sachidanandam, Barbara J.

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