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Tim Minchin said "I really don't like upsetting people..I never do it myself unless it is an incredibly carefully thought-out polemic like the Phil Daoust song or the pope song which have carefully constructed points to them." and "It's a thing of great beauty because it's a challenge, a desecration of something people hold sacred.

The Pope Song is an infamous song written by Tim Minchin in 2010 in response to the allegations surrounding the Pope protecting members of the Catholic Church from being accused of child molestation charges.

The song has received a fair amount of controversy due to its religious themes and crudeness.

Tim Minchin explains in this song that removing religion debate from the discussion entirely, anyone protecting other "kiddy fuckers" is a "motherfucker", and that this has made him so angry he has been reduced to swearing, which he acknowledges is still not as offensive as a person claiming "moral authority" when allowing such acts.

The purpose of the song being written in a crude and juvenile way is to demonstrate that "the actions of the Vatican, who made it a matter of public policy to protect and shelter child rapist priests while covering their actions is revolting, orders or magnitude more revolting than any repeated expletive should be".

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