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" asked chef and Greek food historian Diane Kochilas.

There were thousands of immigrants in New York, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia after the German occupation of Greece during World War II. But the same people who introduced the world to democracy did not spread their national cheese across America. It had the firepower to dominate supermarkets in Greece while aiming to also reach diaspora diehards abroad. Through small shops or ethnic food vendors, it became well-known.

As for its taste, that is being awarded every single day with a permanent place at your table!

You can find the authentic DODONI Feta in bulk in large metal containers, in plastic containers in brine, in vacuum packs or in cubes with olive oil and oregano. You can easily recognize the brand “DODONI” by the company’s trademark stamped on the cheese.

And Philadelphia cheesemongers, like Claudio's, in the lurch. Greece's biggest cheese is trying to reposition itself to become Big Cheese in America.

"Even Greeks in the food industry don't really know what's going on." The case of the missing Dodoni, though, really comes down to this one thing.

Only for consumers abroad, DODONI Organic Feta cheese is available in vacuum packs of 200g and in plastic containers with brine in sizes of 150g, 200g, 400g and 1kg.

A clash of curds, though, recently sent the blocky brand missing from its choice sales spots in Philadelphia, one of the nation's largest Greek population centers. The country's most famous , founded by the Greek government after World War II, had been felled by intrigue and business brass knuckles, against the backdrop of a Greek economy in near collapse: A government bank on the brink. the customer would say, meaning: "barrel," where the best stuff would be steeped in brine. The Agricultural Bank of Greece owned the Dodoni dairy alongside a cooperative of shepherds from the Epirus region of Greece.

"It's a feta that I use if I want an assurance of consistency, of quality." Not all feta is created equal.

(*Compared to similar products) Only for consumers abroad, DODONI feta is available in the form of cubes combined with olive oil and oregano, ideal for the perfect Greek salad. Feta cubes in brine, conveniently cut and preserved in natural brine, are ideal for your own creative salads. Feta cubes in brine are available in the plastic tub of 150g.

DODONI Barrel Aged Feta is produced from a blend of all-natural 100% Greek sheep’s and goat’s milk, and is aged for two months in wooden oak barrels.

Denmark, Germany, France, and the United States make it, too, but often with cow's milk, which is not how it is made in Homer's homeland.

In 2006, the European Union granted Greek-made feta "protected designation of origin" (PDO) status.

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