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Local property tax exemption Everyone has to pay local property tax, which depends on the value of your house.

The tax is based on the mid-point of a range of market-value bands and charged at a rate of 0.18pc (0.25pc for properties worth more than e1m).

Besides getting a mortgage and saving up the necessary deposit, there are many other expenses to fork out for when buying a home, including stamp duty, lending and estate-agency fees, legal fees, surveyor costs, and mortgage protection insurance.

Stamp duty Stamp duty is simply calculated as 1pc of the selling price of any property up to €1m (it rises to 2pc on any property worth more than €1m), and all buyers, including first-time buyers, are subject to the same rate.

You’re paying 4% to buy Bitcoin with your credit card.

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All credit for this hack goes to Carter Thomas and his Coin Mastery You Tube video.

There’s a better solution: go to, which is owned by the same company that owns Coinbase.

GDAX and Coinbase actually share the same back-end.

So when you buy bitcoin on GDAX, you’re buying the exact same bitcoin from the exact same source as you would with Coinbase.

There’s a reason Coinbase doesn’t advertise this (aside from the obvious fact that they want to make more money): GDAX’s bitcoin purchasing process is less user-friendly.

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