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Major Attractions Sitting on a knoll in Lung Fu Shan Country Park, Pinewood Battery is the remains of an old military fort built in 1903.

Pinewood is the highest defense facility of its kind, commanding a high vantage point at 307 metres above sea level.

The original gun emplacement, commanding platform and shelters are preserved in tact to this day.

Lung Fu Shan is not only a favorite destination for morning walkers, it is also a place to show the integration of natural ecology and human heritage.Native trees found in Lung Fu Shan include Hong Kong Gordonia (), etc.Lung Fu Shan's lush woodlands are where more than 115 bird species roost and feed.Commander of the defending troops decided to abandon the battery, and all men were ordered to retreat on that day.At that note, Pinewood's historical mission ended gloriously.

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