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If you give off an air of arrogance, try loosening up a bit. Right if you don't have a vision of what he looks like? This may sound like a silly exercise, but a few minutes with a pad and paper can help you focus on finding the right man for you.A little self-reflection and image adjustment can go a long way.2. Not long ago I wrote down the hair color, height range, ethnicity, and build of my ideal date and it's amazing how many guys I meet that fall within my "list." But don't just stop there - life isn't all about physical qualities. Sometimes the cosmos have a way of surprising us.3. You wouldn't look for pasta sauce in the frozen food aisle of the grocery store would you? So why do most gay men look for specific types of guys in the wrong places.What kind of personality or demeanor would you like him to have? If you like a certain type of guy, go where those types of guys go.I'd love to say the world is an integrated utopia, but people tend to hang out with others with similar backgrounds or interests. More times than not, you'll attract the type of guy that's attracted to the signals you're sending. How's your attitude about life, being gay or dating? It's important to consider these things when looking for a date.Who doesn't want a handsome guy to come up and talk to them?

Whenever you’re into someone and realize they’re not into you, it SUCKS.

A better approach might be, "You know, my stylist said only certain guys can pull off that style.

I guess you're one of them..." Hey, it may sound cheesy, but it strikes conversation and hopefully a blush. This buys you time to think about something else to talk about.

Let's say you're looking for a guy that has an interest in theater; then join a local theater group or hang out at local venues frequented by theater lovers.

If your dream lover is a body builder, then spend more time at the gym, because more than likely that's where he'll be most of the time.4. Are you the life of the party or do you like to sit on the sidelines?

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