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He even called them "a gift" and admitted he was very attracted to her.

So, of course, Steve and La Rue went out on a date, and it must have gone well, because they are now officially an item.

So do I I like to paint them outrageous colors and all u hear when I am at the comp are my nails tapping the keys. I have been told a lot that mine look like I have a French manicure and I have never had one they just come natural like that. All I could do is stop and stare and wonder in amazement "how in the hell does she wipe her ass? I prefer medium to the short side of medium on women.

Kinda sucks- but I'd rather not compromise patient safety anyway. And they cannot be outgrown or have chipped polish on them.

According to beauty lore, biotin or “beauty vitamins” are central to long-nail health, but Ortiz and her nail tribe don’t necessarily subscribe to that thinking.

Several people recalled their first encounter with someone who appreciated nails - and it was Herb.

It takes a lot for La Rue to take care of her super long nails, with weekly milk baths and 0 a month for six hour long manicures -- so maybe that's why she's forged such a personal connection with them."This is Marla. And this is Miss Attitude, and as you can see, she has a serious, serious attitude," said La Rue pointing to different nails.

While it's been tough for La Rue to find love again since growing out her nails, she met Steve during a speed dating event -- and he seemed genuinely interested in her super nails.

Keep em short and keep em clean, the hands are the eyes of the arm to see into the soul…something like that.

No potential date wants to hold your hand and have to navigate away from being scratched and scraped.

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