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That is a self-fulfilling prophecy.” • “Compliment a woman when you meet her. I’ve been on dates where the guy won’t stop saying ‘wow, you’re so pretty.’ After a while it becomes rather creepy.” • “Tip your waitress.” • “Don’t be mean to waiters, it’s super scary! Even Patrick Bateman knows not to berate a waiter.” This is a classic, do we still have to mention it? • “I don’t care what car you drive or where you got your jacket or how you pulled some strings with a ‘buddy down at the City Health Department’ to get us this reservation.However, I will judge you based on your apartment’s location.” A corollary….After dinner he went all “put the lotion on the skin” on me, and was like “will you rub this body cream all over yourself for me?” • “The date ended when he asked if I bruised easily.” Just don’t be rude.I had to have my roommate physically escort him from my house because he followed me in and wouldn’t leave.” “Don’t make a big deal out of paying (or not paying). • “I know it’s tempting to be ‘completely honest’ about who you are but save some fun facts about you for later dates.

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” • “If you have a religion and it’s really an important part of your life, let that be know before going on a date with someone who leaves religion out of their profile.” • “I showed up to find that the guy I was meeting had a cleft palate, something which I was completely unprepared for.” • “He had chemical burns all over his face.” • “Braces …” • “He had baby teeth (teeth the size of a baby).” • “He had horribly bloodied eyeballs from having Lasik two days earlier. He walked me home, and on the way he peed in the bushes 7 times. • “I went out with a guy who (I only noticed this on the second date, it was dark in that restaurant! He also took me to a vegan restaurant on Valentine’s day for our second date, after we had an extensive conversation about how much we liked hamburgers (with beef, duh).” But not too much you.

• “Let’s put it this way, when he said he didn’t have many friends, I was not surprised.

When we got up to leave, he said, ‘I like short, dark women. You’re a short dark woman…’ Then he looked me up and down and said, ‘But I didn’t realize just how short you are.’” Be enthusiastic about your pets, but not too enthusiastic maybe? At the time he owned no dogs at all.” • “He was a Crazy Cat Man and had an online photo album of 200 pictures of cats from around the world (album title: ‘World of Cats’)” • “He talked about his cats a LOT.

• At least four respondents agreed: don’t bring up any stories about having… And don’t do this: • “He was presumptuous and tried to tell me which classes were required for my major even though he isn’t in it (and, he was wrong)” Hold your head up high, sir. • “Don’t apologize for being on an online dating site.

This is the 21st century; people meet online, it doesn’t mean we’ve somehow failed at life.

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