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Jeremy Corbyn today denied there was a 'particular problem' with Pakistani men grooming white girls as he faced a backlash for sacking a Labour frontbencher who highlighted the issue.

The Labour leader was accused of ignoring reality and blocking 'open, honest debate' as he insisted 'much crime is committed by white people'.

Tory former children's minister Tim Loughton said: 'Those of us with experience in this area know Sarah Champion is highly respected for exposing child sexual abuse and should be listened to.'He told Sky News Mr Corbyn was 'deaf to a problem that is happening in our country'.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid, whose family background is Pakistani, posted on Twitter today: 'Corbyn wrong to sack Sarah Champion. Or am I just prepared to call out this horrifying problem for what it is?

But asked in a broadcast interview today if Rotherham, Rochdale, Newcastle and elsewhere showed there was a 'particular problem' with Pakistani men, Mr Corbyn replied: 'The problem is the crime that is committed against women from any community.'Much crime is committed by white people, crime is committed by people of other communities as well.

I think it is wrong to designate an entire community as the problem.'What I think is right is to deal with the problem of the safety and security and vulnerability of often young women, who can be groomed by all kinds of people into some awful and dangerous situations.'However, the Equality and Human Rights Commission said it was a 'real shame' that Ms Champion had been ousted due to 'over-sensitivity about language'.

'I think what you have to do is label those that perpetrate disgusting and disgraceful crimes against people, and they can be from any community, they can be white, they can be black, they can be any community, but they have to be dealt with as the crime of what it is.' Interviewer: Do you not think there's a particular problem with Pakistani men?Although most of the women don’t know that the Pakistani man uses those qualities to trap them.It’s important to realize that some of these men are deceitful.She should make sure she meets his family, relatives, and friends in Pakistan.She should ask him if he is already married or if his family has arranged a marriage for him to take place in the future. It’s equally important that she safeguards her assets.

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